Branded and Quality Round Beach Towels for Sale

Izzz is the top and perfect online store that provides the best quality beach towels by Bambury and Kas Australia. They have the best collection of the round beach towel which make you stand out of the crown in a special and unique place. They are made using the best quality fabric which not only beautiful and soft but also a great absorbent of water. Here are some of the best round beach towels by Bambury.


Bambury Tulum Round Beach Towel

This best quality round beach towel is made by using the 100% pure and luxurious cotton by the Bambury company which makes the round beach towel very soft and these towels are well suited for those who want to enjoy their great time on the beaches with their family or friends. It is a fashionable tulum round beach towel that make sure to provide the style and comfort you need.

Tulum Round Beach Towel Aqua

The Tulum Round beach towel aqua by bambury is made using the best quality cotton for comfort and natural absorbency. It is a 380 gsm weave which gives a sumptuously soft feel with lasting quality. It is exclusively designed by the talented in-house studio with the tribal inspired triangles and stripes for mandala design in fresh aqua tones.  It si well suited and perfect for a beach sitting and relaxation.

Bambury Tulum 150cm Round Beach Towel

The Tulum Round beach 150cm towel is made by the Bambury. It is made specially using the 100% pure cotton to make sure that the towel is incredibly soft. It is a 380 GSM weave, so it is undoubtedly soft with the long lasting quality. It is available in store in the size of 150 cm diameter and is a sure stand out in the beach.

To view the other available towels in the store, please visit


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